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At SBLT Travel Access, school bus rental and field trips are one of our specialties. Over the years, we have brought many high-profile service contracts with academic institutions to successful completions.

Our academic and school transportation services include:

  • Point-to-point transportation for students and school groups for various events throughout the school year
  • Shuttle and point-to-point services for school team athletic events
  • Daily shuttle services along fixed routes that link school campuses to external facilities
  • Campus-to-parking lot shuttle services for postsecondary institutions

We maintain an extensive fleet of late-model vehicles of various sizes, and all our drivers are specially trained, with advanced safety credentials.

Safety and reliability come first when you choose SBLT Travel Access.

All our school buses, mini-bus shuttles, and full-size coaches are regularly subjected to careful inspections by licensed mechanics. We also pair your school with dedicated project managers who evaluate and monitor personnel and ensure drivers are properly trained. Our project managers also work with maintenance staff to guarantee that all our vehicles meet our high safety standards and pass road inspections with flying colors.

Through our in-house driver training program, all vehicle operators receive specialized safety training. Pre-trip vehicle inspections are part of our driver protocol, and they are conducted before every journey. During the inspection, the vehicle operator will make sure that all fluid levels are within proper limits, and that all vehicle safety features are working properly. Windows, seats, tires, handrails, signals, brake lights, and headlights are all individually evaluated. We never send out a vehicle if we detect a problem.

You can trust that your school trip is in good hands. Call SBLT Travel Access today for all your school bus rental needs!