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College Industrial Visit
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Industrial visits are an integral part of the college curriculum for professional degrees. Its main objective is to offer an insight into the working of a factory or industrial unit. It also provides an opportunity to delve deeper into the realities of an Industrial house. While a lot of theoretical knowledge is available in books, students get an opportunity to experience them only when they visit these units.

SBLT Travel Access arranges industrial visits for college students. A day tour enables students to learn more about the production and manufacturing process.

Industrial visits for college students are organized after considering individual requirements. Depending on the curriculum, visits are planned in consultation with teachers.

Let's look at some of the beneficial aspects of an industrial visit.

  • Offers practical training
  • Opportunity to interact with big businesses
  • Chance to explore different aspects of manufacturing, processing and production
  • Brings face-to-face with industrial realities
  • Illusions about a workplace are considerably solved
  • Develops interpersonal skills
  • Regular visits help to identify different areas of work